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Infra Red Scanner  - "Dr. Joe" & Seth  - Seth Getting Adjusted - Always Smiling!- After Adjustment

Digital Foot Scanner For Orthotic Fitting - Braces From One Of Our Little Patients -    A view of our Reception Area 

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 Zeinth Hi-Lo Table In The Down Position    -     In The Half Way Up Position    -            In The Full Up Position

We have three of these specialized state-of-the-art adjusting tables that are also handicap accessible. 

They make it possible for those that are elderly or in a tremendous amount pain to get on, off and turn

around with ease.  Most offices in the area have flat benches that you must crawl on and off of.  The

cushions have a dropping mechanism that makes the adjustments much easier and eliminates the need

to be twisted around on your side like a pretzel.  Safe - Easy and Painless!!!












This is one of my favorite quotes. Thomas Edison         A reversal of the normal neck curve causing 

was ahead of his time. The idea of preventative           a pull on the spinal cord resulting in decreased

health care is not new, yet most people are unaware    nerve function.  This can be corrected with

of how to be proactive with their family's health.          specific spinal adjustments and home exercises.




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