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October 08, 2017

Welcome to our office's Chiropractic newsletter.  We'd like to entertain you, inform you and even inspire you a little. We'd love to hear from you; feel free to write to us with any questions or comments.

Table of Contents
Current Information

Miraculous Cases

Health Related Articles


Current Information

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another edition of our office newsletter. I know it has been a long time since I have sent out any communication. It has been a busy summer and with the current stretch of good weather, I needed to catch up on many outdoor maintenance items. If you are a new practice member and this is your first newsletter, we hope you enjoy the content and learn something. Please feel free to comment or write back to let me know if there are certain topics you would like covered. As always, this newsletter can also be found on my website.

Our current normal hours are as follows:

Monday: 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Tuesday:   8:00 AM to 10:00 AM 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM *

Thursday: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Friday: Usually the last Friday of the month in the morning only.

* The last Wednesday of the month (if we are open that Friday) we open at 12:00 PM.

PLEASE visit our web site for up to date changes to the schedule and special hours. If in doubt, give us a call.


IMPORTANT:  We are scheduling new patients 4 or more months in the future. We have a daily list of current patients waiting to get in for an appointment. If you have to cancel an appointment, you must call the office at least 3 hours before your appointment time so we can give the slot to someone else. A 24 hour notice is appreciated.

IMPORTANT:  If your insurance has changed, it is imperative that you bring in your new insurance card so we can update your information. Fees that cannot be processed properly because we do not have the proper information will become your responsibility.

Reminder:  If you have had a new injury or change in your health status, we must be notified before a regularly scheduled adjustment visit in order to allow more time to access your condition. This is especially important for anyone with Medicare, as there is an overwhelming amount of paperwork we must have prepared ahead of time. You may be asked to reschedule with a longer appointment time if I feel I will not have adequate time to properly treat you. This goes for an auto injury or serious fall or other trauma as well.

Appointment Reminders: If you feel that you are not adequately receiving a reminder (text or phone call), please let the office staff know. You may visit our web site and click on the button at the bottom of the first page to provide your reminder preferences. If you do NOT want a reminder, just let one of the staff members know. We can remove you from the reminder system. NOTE: Our text reminder system is a one way system. If you respond to it, the message you send will be placed in my e-mail in-box which is not monitored by my staff and may not be seen for several days. PLEASE call the office and leave a message if you cannot keep an appointment or need to change it.

Health Portal: If you are interested in signing up for the Microsoft Health Vault, please go to the first page of my web site and scroll down until you find the information. Otherwise, the next time you are in, we can simply have you sign an opt out form.


NEW SERVICE -- Sensitivity Testing: If you are interested in being tested for food and environmental sensitivities, we have test kits available for you to use at home. I charge you nothing for the kit or for my time to review the information. The cost to have the test done by the lab is $275.00. This may unlock the key to chronic health issues. Ask for more details the next time you are in for a visit.

New Training: I am currently attending classes to become a "Primary Spine Provider" through Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have one more weekend to attend in order to complete the course.

Honors: I was pleasantly surprised when I was notified that I was going to be inducted into my high school’s "Wall of Honor" for my work as a Chiropractor and for my invention and patent that reproduces the effects of gravity on the spine and discs while lying down for a MRI examination. The induction dinner is this weekend at Frankfort-Schuyler Central High School.

Orthotic Special for October: Footlevelers ( has another special for the month of October. Buy one set of orthotics, get a second of equal or lesser value FREE. So if you wanted a pair for your dress shoes and a new pair for your sneakers, now is the time to buy. Ask my staff to set up a foot scan appointment and they will do the rest. (Prices vary depending on the style ordered.)


Miraculous Cases

We have seen many spectacular cases over the past few months. I want you to note that these are all recent cases, not the same few from years ago that I keep talking about. There have been many cases of low back and neck pain we have seen that have responded beautifully to chiropractic care. For those individuals, the improvements are life changing, so I do not want to minimize these cases as routine. Most all of the cases highlighted this month are on kids and young people due to their unusual circumstances.

CASE OF THE MONTH: Inability to Swallow or Eat - A 17 year old young man was first seen in Mid-September, 2017 after not being seen here for a few years. He was unable to swallow or eat and was losing weight. His pediatrician said it was from stress / anxiety. After a very thorough examination and neurological workup, it was observed that his uvula (that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) was not centered and his soft pallet (back of the roof of the mouth) was not moving. He also lacked a gag reflex. So is it a brain stem tumor or a subluxation? It certainly was not stress or being made up. We decided to start care and if there was no improvements in a few weeks, he would be referred to a neurologist and for a MRI. I x-rayed him and discovered his Atlas (top vertebra) was sitting in Herkimer County. (Why don’t the majority of chiropractors take x-rays??? Makes me sick). I asked him if he was cracking / manipulating his own neck – the answer was "yes". So this was a self-induced major subluxation. Using the Palmer Upper Cervical Specific adjusting technique, I adjusted his Atlas. The next visit he was able to swallow a little bit. I adjusted some other findings in his neck and also released the tension of the jugular foramen (the two holes in the skull for the passage of cranial nerves 9, 10 and 12) using an inter-oral (inside the mouth) cranial adjustment. Cranial nerves 9 and 10 have to do with swallowing, the gag reflex and pallet movement. Number 10 (the Vagus Nerve) also controls most all of your organs – you hear me talk about this a lot. Long story short, after his 3rd visit he was able to eat a full meal. His uvula is now centered and his pallet is doing what a pallet is supposed to do. Where would this young man be without chiropractic care? Probably on Xanax and on a downward health spiral to no-where. Of course the Pediatrician is speechless. Maybe he needs a specific adjustment as well!

Infant with head tilted upward, colic and difficulty nursing - A 10 week old female was brought to the office by her parents in late August, 2017. They were referred by a local physical therapist. They were concerned that her head was always stuck in extension (looking upward) and she had great difficulty moving it. She also had difficulty nursing and was fussy from colic. She was evaluated and found to have a subluxation between the Occiput (bottom of the skull) and the Atlas (first bone at the top of the spine) as well as the sacrum (pelvic bone the spine sits on). She also had Plagiocephaly (mis-shaped skull) more than likely from the constant pull of the muscles since birth (or before?) that were keeping her head locked in one position. She was adjusted specifically in the spine and the cranial subluxations were reduced as well. She experience almost immediate relief of all of her symptoms and is now a healthy, and happy (mom and dad too!) baby girl.

Infant with Plagiocephaly and "Fussy"- A 7 month old male was brought to the office in late September, 2017 by his parents. Grandma has just started care in the office and received drastic results from a chronic back issue. They were concerned that his head was mis-shaped as well as an ongoing problem with constipation and fussiness. After careful assessment, care was initiated and within a few visits drastic improvements were observed. Infants and toddlers usually obtain miraculous and almost instantaneous results. Their bodies are super healers and they do not carry issues around for years before being seen. What a great way to start life!

Facial Numbness - A 52 year old male was first seen in late September, 2017 with numbness in his face. He had some other minor issues as well. After a few visits, the area that he was experiencing numbness in began to decrease. He continues to improve and while it is still early in his care, I have no doubt that he will recover. Fix the problem and the body heals itself … it is as simple as that.

Herniated Disk with Back Pain and Sciatica - A 45 year old woman was first seen in mid- June, 2017 for an injury she sustained to her lower back as the result of getting twisted by a local chiropractor. He did not have any x-rays taken and proceeded to put her on her side and give her low back a good twist and crack. As a result, she ended up with a herniated disk and severe lower back and leg pain (sciatica). She was barely able to walk and was out of work when I first saw her. She had been in this state for many months. Dealing with a disk injury takes a lot of time and patience. Three months after she started, she is back to work and feeling drastically improved. I utilized a combination of SOT and Logan techniques (you can read about them on my web site) as well as muscle work until she was ready for regular adjustments. She still has a way to go as disks, like ligaments, take a very long time to heal. As the disk shrinks back into position, it pulls away from the nerve which reduces the pain.

RULE 1: Don’t ever let anyone work on your spine without an x-ray. If you cannot see it, you are guessing.

RULE 2: Don’t let anyone twist your spine or neck. Nothing good comes out of it. There are techniques in Chiropractic that involve putting the patient on the side that are very specific and non-twisting, but most DCs do NOT do this, they just twist to make a big popping sound. Very impressive – NOT.


Healthy Articles and Information


Vitamin D

Winter is on the way, so if you have not had your Vitamin D levels checked in a while, be sure to ask my staff for a prescription to do so. You want to obtain optimal levels (50 – 70) before the cold weather sets in. You should also be taking Vitamin K2MK7 to facilitate the transfer of Calcium from your blood stream into your bones and teeth. This also keeps it out of your heart and valves (lower chance of heart attack and heart disease), kidneys (kidney stones) and brain (Alzheimer’s and Dementia). In addition, Magnesium Glycinate balances out the Calcium / Magnesium ration to keep your bones, heart and muscles healthy. All three work together, so I always recommend taking these as a basic nutritional regiment.


Chiropractors and Telomere Length

Studies have demonstrated that long term Chiropractic care causes the telomeres (tiny protective caps on the end of our chromosomes (genes)) to lengthen. This gives better protection to our chromosomes and therefore keeps us healthier and slows down the aging process. Hence you are healthier and have a better quality of life. Science keeps proving what my profession has known for over 100 years. Chiropractic care keeps you healthier and prevents many problems down the road.


Chiropractic and Scoliosis

I have seen many cases of scoliosis drastically improved in my 31 years of practice. It takes dedication on the part of the parents to bring the child in regularly and for the patient to follow home exercise regiments to the tee. There are cases that do not respond will that includes patients with congenital anomalies in their spine or with some other underlying diseases or structural issues. Most, however, do very well.


The Many Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are many benefits of Chiropractic Care to the patient that go far beyond relief of pain or symptoms. Other benefits include an incredible cost savings not only to the patient (less hospitalizations, medications, MRIs and other tests), but to the insurance companies as well.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care to Children

Most all of my cases I write up involve babies and kids. There are many benefits to having the little ones adjusted. Here are a few of them:


Chiropractic Boosts Brain / Body Coordination

In addition to the many benefits you may "feel" after your adjustment, there are other miraculous changes that take place in your body without you even knowing it. The title says it all……….


Electric / Gas: Speaking of deals, several practice members have recently asked me about the Ambit Energy flyers I have in the office. I have been with them since 2009 and have consistently saved every month on my electric and gas bills. They are an energy wholesaler that works with National Grid (and other energy providers throughout the US) to give you the same electricity and gas for less money. A few points.

- You are still services, billed and make calls to National Grid for any issues.

- The supply rate is usually around a half a cent per kWh / therm less than National Grid.

- You pay less in taxes (state) since they are based out of Texas.

- The monthly billing fee that is in fine print on your National Grid bill goes away.

- The Merchant Function Fee is eliminated.

- The ESRM Fee is eliminated.

- You are guaranteed in writing to save at least 1% or you are refunded the difference (rare that this ever happens).

- You are given points for every kWh and therm used that can be traded for free hotel stays and air travel.

- You can earn a full refund check on your supply charges if you refer 15 or more customers to them. I have been enjoying this perk for years.

So why pay more for the exact same service? The best way to see what you are really paying is to NOT look at the cost per kWh or therm, but to take the total of your bill and divide it by how many kWhs or therms you used for the month. This will give you the actual full cost of each unit of energy. If interested, click on the link below. Signing up is easy and takes a few minutes. Be sure to pick the NYS 1% Guaranteed Savings plan. There are other plans available, so click on the right one. Note that in the past, you had to call once a year to renew your Guaranteed Savings plan. The NYS PSC (public service commission) no longer requires this, so once you sign up, you no longer have to call them. There are no contracts and if you get tired of paying less for the same service, you can call them and drop them at any time. You will also receive a personalized web site where you can see how much you are saving, how many points you have accumulated for travel and monitor your energy usage.

- Put your zip code in the View the rates in your area box and follow the directions. You will need the customer number off you National Grid bill.


Please visit our web site at and click on the RESULTS button to read about many more cases I have seen over the past 31 years.  If you would like to share your story in writing or by supplying a personal testimony, please write your thoughts down and send it in an e-mail to

Thanks for reading. Feel free to pass this on to friends or relatives, especially those who are walking medicine cabinets.  Don't forget to come in for a spinal checkup yourself, especially if we haven't seen you in a while. Let us know if there are any particular topics you'd like us to cover in these newsletters.  Would you like copies of this newsletter for your friends? E-mail me with their contact information and I will add them to my e-mail list.

As always, to be removed from this newsletter mailing list, respond with REMOVE in the subject.  Please include your name and all of the e-mail addresses you would like removed.  To add a friend, respond with ADD in the subject and include their e-mail address.  If you plan to change your e-mail address, PLEASE let us know so we can update our records. You should also include in your address book to avoid these newsletters going into your spam folder.

PLEASE do not use this address ( to send jokes, stories, chain letters or to make, change or cancel an appointment. You may use it to contact me with questions or suggestions and I will reply as soon as I can. Thank you for your cooperation. 

In Health From The Inside-Out,

Dr. J. A. La Barbera



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