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Out of Town Patients


The care described on this web site was once the rule of traditional chiropractic and is now difficult to obtain.  Currently, very few upper cervical specialists exist in the USA or worldwide. Therefore, many patients (from other states and/or countries) choose to travel to the closest upper cervical practitioner.

We sympathize with each individualís struggle to attain the care described on this web site since it is not routinely available. However, please be advised that because the upper cervical training is extensive, it is impossible for Dr. La Barbera to advise an individualís local chiropractor on how to perform the procedure and/or any of the diagnostics involved.

Average care regimen for adults: On average a patient is seen three times per week for two to four weeks; two time per week during the second and third month; once every week for the fourth month; and once every other week until complete stabilization of the spine occurs. However, each individual's care plan is specifically designed for his or her case and is determined at the initial evaluation appointment. Pediatric cases typically require less care than adults.

The above care schedule is preferred for the best results but can be difficult for those traveling. On average, an individual should plan to travel to Utica initially for approximately 45-60 days, depending upon his/her case, and should plan to return to Utica multiple times during the following 4 to 8 months if necessary. For patients traveling from other countries, a longer stay (60-90 days) is recommended to ensure the proper stabilization of a patientís case prior to his/her return home. Again, the care plan and response time vary per person depending upon several factors: the severity of his/her condition, the length of time the condition has been present, and the age of the patient.

Please be advised that traveling for care can be very difficult due to time away from family, work, school, etc. It can also be expensive due to substantial travel and housing costs. Therefore, an individual should not attempt to travel to Utica for care unless he/she is in a position to make the necessary time and financial commitments.

If you are able to comply with the time and financial issues discussed above and are interested in traveling to Utica for care, please contact Dr. La Barbera ( to discuss arrangements for your specific case. In your email, please include a detailed description of your health history (any history of trauma to the head/neck, your symptoms, diagnosis dates, etc.) and possible travel dates.  You may also download our New Patient Forms (above) and mail or fax them to our office.


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