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        Flu Vaccine Video  Parody video revealing the poisonous chemicals in the flu vaccine. "CLICK" the  link.


     Brain Cell Damage From Mercury  Research Study by the University of Calgary showing the effects of mercury 

                  on living brain neurons.  THIS IS A MUST SEE!!  Click HERE to download this video to your PC.



        Mercury Vapors Released From Fillings  WOW!!  Not for the faint of heart.  If you have Mercury in your mouth,

                 this may disturb you to see Mercury Vapors evaporating from a filling.  Detox with Chlorella and also see

                 the article on this web site labeled "Dentistry - More Holistic.  Click HERE to download this video to your PC.


       Flu Vaccine Exposed:   Click this link to watch a short video on Flu Vaccine Facts.  Includes many statistics.


       Bill Mayer's Big Pharma Rant  Amazingly accurate assessment of America's "Health Care" system and Big Pharm's control

               over the politicians (From October, 2007).  "CLICK" the link.


       Upper Cervical Chiropractic & Blood Pressure Reduction  "CLICK" on this link for a segment from Good Morning America

                 showing how a specific upper cervical adjustment can lower blood pressure without drugs.     




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