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Articles & Research Studies For You And Your Family

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Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Overdose                                         Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Liver Damage     

Antibiotics Overused                                                                   Autism & Chiropractic Care 

Blood Pressure & Chiropractic                                               Blood Pressure & Chiropractic ABC News

Breastfeeding Baby - To Bowl                                               Breast Feeding 50 reasons   

Back Surgery Not Needed                                                   Bed Wetting & Dear Abby's Advice

Boosting Your Immunity With Chiropractic Care                            Cervical Curve and Health Effects

Childhood Asthma                                                              Children and Asthma - A Case Study

Children and Chiropractic                                                               Children and Fevers - "Which Is More Dangerous?"

Children and Fevers - Not A Disease                                               Children and Ritalin - Over Prescribed 

Children, Overmedicating with Ritalin                                                Children, Ritalin Fraud

Chiropractic & ADHD-Hyperactivity                                                  Chiropractic & Back Disorders            

Chiropractic & Bronchitis                                                     Chiropractic & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chiropractic & Ear Infections                                                          Chiropractic & Headaches-Migraines

Chiropractic & Heart Disorders                                                         Chiropractic & Immune Deficiencies          

Chiropractic & Menstrual Problems                                           Chiropractic & Ulcers-Digestive Disease 

Chiropractic and Epilepsy - A Case Study                                          Chiropractic Safety and Children

Children and Chiropractic Editorial - Birth Trauma / SIDS                     Circumcision Article - Mothering Magazine

Colic & Chiropractic - Soft Drink                                                      Crohn's Disease & Chiropractic

Dangers Of Ritalin                                                                         Dope On Drugmakers          

Dentistry - More Holistic                                                                Developmental Delay & Chiropractic

Drug Cost Pill by Pill                                                           Drug Errors on the Rise             

Drug Insiders                                                                                Drug Reps & MD's

Drugmakers Spend More On Advertising Than Research                        Ear Infection Study - Chiropractic Cuts Incidence and Duration

Ear Infections - Antibiotics & Asthma 2007                                      Ear Infections - General Information

Ear Infections - Antibiotics and Tubes                                               Epidural Epidemic            

Flu Facts                                      Fluoride - Beware                    Fluoridation - Facts   

Is Fluoride Safe Part 1                                                                    Is Fluoride Safe Part 2

Is Fluoride Safe Part 3                                                                    Friendly Infections - Probiotics

Losing the War on Drugs                                                       The Mayos & Chiropractic - Interesting History

Nervous system & Type I Diabetes                                                    No Ears - Hearing Restored With Chiropractic

Osteopathy and Chiropractic - What's The Difference?                          Over Medicating Tots with Drugs

Oxidative Stress / DNA Repair - Major Benefit Of Ongoing Chiropractic Care              Pain Killers Cause Pain

Pharmacist Who Says No Drugs                                                        Pregnancy Warnings

Research: ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Asthma                                     Research: Bipolar, Seizure, and Sleep Disorders 

Research:  Ear Infection Study                                                         Research:  Migraine Headaches 

Research:  MS Parkinsons and Chiropractic                                         Research:  Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinsons

Restraint of pain killers                                                         Research:  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome & Chiropractic

Research:  Vertigo & Chiropractic Care                                               Teen Athletes & Chiropractic

The Dangers of Ritalin                                                                     Thermography Information

Toxic Children

Ultrasound (Pregnancy) Dangers                                                        US Healthcare Ranks 37th!

USA Leads Medical Errors                                                                  Flu Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Information (Murphy)                                                            1200 Vaccine Studies

Vicks And Nail Fungus                                                                      Vioxx and Celebrex Dangers


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